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The Companies Office of Jamaica (COJ) has announced that, by August 2011, the entity will be fully electronically friendly and more accessible to its customers.
Speaking with JIS News, Compliance Manager at the COJ, Heather Sutherland, said that by March next year, clients will be able to register some documents online and will be able to do full online registration by August 2011.

She noted that, currently, persons are able to access valuable information online and begin their registration process.
“We have heard over the past years that the forms are complicated and so we have placed precedence online, so you are able to go online to view, fill in the forms prior to coming in to us and so the process is easier for you once you get in to us,” she said.
The Compliance Manager pointed out that, to improve on convenience and accessibility, clients have the option of using the drop off box, available for deposits at the head office, 1 Grenada Way, New Kingston.
This facility, which is available between 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays, saves customers waiting time.
“We have a very customer-friendly organization, so if it is that you are unable to wait, you can call in and make an appointment prior to coming in, so that your wait time is less,” Miss Sutherland informed.
Endorsing the initiatives taken by the COJ, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Shellie Leon, said that over time, the information technology infrastructure has improved, allowing the COJ to access data on the status of registered companies and their officers, instead of doing it manually.
“We can now generate notices to send to customers, and have more capabilities in following up on delinquents and is in a better position to educate and inform customers through public education,” she added.
Miss Leon noted that persons may also utilize the option of making deposits to the COJ bank account, and then forward the documents or send in a cheque along with the documents, instead of travelling in to Kingston.
“Another thing in terms of our accessibility is that we do not wait on customers to come to us, we actually go out to the customers, through our mobile outreach,” Miss Leon further pointed out.
This activity, she noted, allows for COJ representatives to visit various locations islandwide to meet with customers, assist them in their registration process and completion of forms and collect their returns.
For further details on the services of the COJ, persons may call 908-4419-24 or visit the website at www.orcjamaica.com.

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