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Jamaicans will be treated to the second staging of the much anticipated Coffee Festival on October 1. Director General of the Coffee Industry Board (CIB), Graham Dunkley told JIS News that the festival was the major local event for the CIB and it was primarily designed to show the various products of coffee.
“The talented professionals at Caribbean Events Group have created an event which is fun and family friendly. It’s the major promotion for the CIB and we expect all the licencees and brands to present the coffee in new and exciting ways for the consumer’s enjoyment,” he said.
The event, which will be held at Devon House, will feature displays from all the major coffee brands on the market, giving consumers exciting and creative ways of using the product.
Mr. Dunkley explained that patrons would be able to find out more about the role of the CIB, and should expect a very fulfilling festival.
“At the CIB booth, you will learn more about how we achieve our mandate, which is to promote and protect the coffee industry of Jamaica. We will be there to help you to understand the coffee industry and related matters better. There will be a day-long seminar and the CIB has invited Mr. Rob Stephens, First Vice President of the Specialty Coffee Association of America, the largest specialty coffee grouping in the world, to be the keynote speaker,” he noted.
The CIB is actively involved in protecting Jamaica’s coffee brand name and owns the trademarks for Jamaica Blue Mountain and High Mountain Supreme.

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