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About 22 members of the Co-operative Friends of Jamaica will be arriving in the island on May 14 for a two-week study visit.
During the visit, the group will call on Governor-General, Sir Howard Cooke at King’s House, visit heritage sites at Port Royal and Devon House, and Hope Gardens.
The 26 year-old London based organization supports the work of co-operatives in Jamaica and has provided equipment, funds and training for co-operatives, including Clays of Jamaica. The members also fund first aid and safety courses for several fishermen’s co-operatives and provide support for several basic schools across the island.
The visit to Jamaica, the first such study tour since 2000, will give members an opportunity to visit some of the co-operatives operating in the island and to look at some of the projects sponsored by the organization. The group is scheduled to visit the Rocky Point Fishermen’s Co-operative in Clarendon and the Blue Mountain Coffee Co-operative. They will also visit the Department of Co-operatives.
Co-ordinator, Rose Baillie told JIS News that the group would also visit a number of schools that the members support, including Allman Town Basic, Ewarton Primary and Coffee Grove Basic.
“Our members are really very excited, a number of them have never been to Jamaica before and it has been a few years since we have done a similar tour. The visit will give us an opportunity to visit and meet with others involved in co-operatives and to see some of the programmes that we have assisted,” she said.
The Jamaica High Commission hosted a briefing session for the group, which featured a special presentation on Jamaica by the Jamaica Tourist Board, while the Jamaica Information Service provided the group with maps and information kits on Jamaica.

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