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Come September this year, the Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI) will expand the range of programmes that are currently offered to students, by introducing a Bachelor of Science degree programme.
Executive Director of the CMI, Fritz Pinnock, who made the announcement yesterday (February 8), at the Jamaica Maritime Institute Trust Fund scholarship award ceremony, said that persons who were desirous of attending the Institute could now pursue degrees in International Shipping and Logistics; Supply Chain and Port Management; Industrial System and Operation and Maintenance; and Cruise Shipping and Tourism Management.
He further added that the Cruise Shipping and Tourism Management programme, which will be offered in conjunction with Barbados Community College, was the first of its kind in the world.
“The Caribbean Maritime Institute is the only institute of its kind in the entire English speaking Caribbean. We recognize our unique position and we are going to capitalize on this. These jobs are on demand worldwide. We want to say to people, do not get generic, get specific; make yourself marketable,” he stressed.
Mr. Pinnock also noted that the Institute intended to increase its partnership with the University of Technology (UTech). “The partnership will cover joint validation of all the degrees that we will be offering. We are also going to use some of our shared competencies, because the CMI is fully equipped with a lot of the latest technology and we want to use this for the development of the Jamaican youth,” he said.
Meanwhile, eight students attending the Institute were presented with scholarships, bursaries and grants from the Jamaica Maritime Institute Trust Fund.
The scholarship recipients are Craig Nelson and Jerome McFarlane, who received the Lucien Rattray and Sir Vince Lannaman Scholarships, respectively, while Delano Roberts, Audia Smith, Tamoy Cohen, Natoya Morgan, Osbert McLean and Rand Davis received bursaries and grants.
Chairman of the Scholarship Committee, David Yeesing noted that this group of awardees was the most educated group to have qualified for these awards, adding that the cadre of students at the Institute has grown tremendously.

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