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Clean venue regulations are in effect at Sabina Park and the Trelawny Multipurpose Stadium, which means that both venues must be free of all unofficial signage.
This is in keeping with the Host Venue Agreement for the ICC Cricket World Cup (CWC) 2007. The stadiums, which were officially handed over to the ICC CWC 2007 on January 19, are now considered official ICC venues.
Even the name of official West Indies team sponsor Digicel, has been removed from the roof of Kingston Cricket Club, as the telecommunications company is not a sponsor of CWC.
“All of the requirements are officially in place in respect to the venues . only official ICC sponsors can be seen on display in the stadiums and we can say that we have successfully cleaned both facilities,” said Executive Director of the Jamaica Local Organizing Committee (LOC), Robert Bryan, at a recent press conference held at his office in Kingston.
He noted that out of an “abundance of caution”, tabs would be kept on the facilities to ensure strict adherence to the rules. “The standards to be met in respect to clean venues are quite high and we are paying attention to that. All third party branding, therefore, has to be removed,” he pointed out.
Mr. Bryan said further that, “all our contractors and other service providers now have to conform to the third party rules in respect to the venues and that applies to third party branding that may also be conveyed by clothing and other methods in the venues.”
The same requirements obtain for practice grounds, which have been properly contracted and are in a state of readiness. “Those venues are also subject to the tournament period and regulations, so that if you were to visit these venues at this time, you would see that they are also clean,” he disclosed, adding that this was also the case with park and ride sites.
In the meantime, the Executive Director said he was optimistic about the interest being shown by Jamaicans in the tournament. “I definitely feel more connection between the people and the event. I still do think it could be better and we will ensure that we intensify activities to get more support,” he stated.
Jamaica will be the only country in the region to welcome all 16 teams in the tournament, which will be in attendance at the opening ceremony on March 11 at the Trelawny Multipurpose Stadium.