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The clean-up and beautification of the town of Port Antonio is the Portland parish project for Labour Day 2006, which will be observed on May 23.
The project, which was chosen at a recent meeting of the Portland Labour Day Committee, is in keeping with efforts to enhance aesthetics in the town, and create green spaces for residents and visitors.
In addition to the town centre, the project areas entail the section in front of Carder Park on Allan Avenue, the mini park at Bryan’s Bay in the western section of the town, and the lot located in the vicinity near the Portland Parish Council on Gideon Avenue. The scope of work will include the planting of trees, laying of top soil, erection of painted seats and planter boxes, and the painting of sidewalks.
Meanwhile, a total of seven projects have so far been registered with the Social Development Commission (SDC) as planning for Labour Day activities gathers momentum in the parish.
Nadine Simpson, SDC Community Development Officer, told JIS News that the projects include the bushing of roadways, clearing of drains and gullies and playfields.
Funds and other contributions for the projects will be sought from private and public sector entities in the parish, while the Labour Day Committee will be collaborating with a number of agencies for their smooth implementation and successful completion.
The organizations include the Portland Parish Council, the Portland Fire Brigade, the National Works Agency and the National Solid Waste Management Authority.Ms. Simpson expressed confidence that project registration would intensify significantly by the end of this week and exhorted the people of Portland to support Labour Day activities in the parish.

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