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Minister of Agriculture, Roger Clarke has been honoured by the Goat Breeders’ Society of Jamaica for his contribution to the development of the goat industry over the last seven years, since the formation of the Society in 1997.
The honour was bestowed on the Minister at the annual general meeting of the Society, held yesterday (November 24) at the Bodles Agriculture Research Station in Old Harbour, St. Catherine.
“The Minister has been with us, anything that we ask him, any recommendations that we make, he’s always with us and he has never discouraged us in any way. We want to highlight the Minister who has been with us,” Derrick Vermont, President of the Society said.A plaque was presented to Mr. Clarke for “his commitment, encouragement and deep interest in the welfare of the Society”.
Accepting the plaque, Minister Clarke thanked members of the Society for their gesture. “I don’t know how deserving I am of this, but I will cherish it. In my retirement years, which are not too far down the road, I will have this as a memento to remember your appreciation of what you thought I have done,” he said.
The organization also honoured David Miller, Chief Research Officer of small stock at Bodles, for over 30 years of “long, faithful and committed service to the small ruminant industry”.
Certificates of appreciation were also presented to the Jamaica Livestock Association, Agro Grace, Federated Pharmaceuticals Limited, HiPro Ace Farm and Garden Store, and Newport Mills for sponsorship commitments and their interest over the years.

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