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High school students in Clarendon will be exposed to the rigours of divisional representation and gain insight into the local governance structure, when they participate in a Youth Council Meeting on November 15.
The session is being organized by the Clarendon Parish Council as part of activities to mark Local Government and Community Development Month.The youth representatives will be drawn from high schools across the parish. An orientation session will be held at the Parish Council Chamber on November 10.
Among the issues that young people will tackle are: road repair, drainage and flooding, squatting, street vending, refurbishing of markets, traffic congestion, electricity and water supply, facilities for the homeless as well as opportunities for training and employment.
Adassa Morgan, Secretary Manager for the Clarendon Parish Council, told JIS News that the Youth Council Meeting would be the eighth such event since 1998.
She noted that the sessions were “good training grounds for those who later wish to provide similar representation to their communities and we hope will help to also engender civic pride in the youth.”
She told JIS News, that the meetings have also proved to be beneficial to the parish councillors, as it helps them to see the problems in their various divisions through the eyes of the students, and to work with the youth in resolving some of the issues.
Local Government month is being observed nationally under the theme: ‘C.A.R.E Jamaica! (Changing Adapting Rebuilding and Empowering).
The event was launched in Clarendon on November 5 with a church service at the May Pen Seventh Day Adventist Church, and will culminate with family fun day later in the month.

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