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The Clarendon Office of the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) is hosting a series of activities to prepare participants for the Festival of the Performing Arts in the categories of speech, music, dance, drama and traditional folk forms.
These events are being staged from February 18 to May 7, and include zone eliminations, a ‘brush-up’ workshop and children’s gospel audition.
In a JIS News interview, Cynthia Markland, JCDC Parish Manager explained that the zone eliminations were required to select the best items to be presented at the parish finals while the workshop was aimed at improving the quality of the selected items.
“The Clarendon Office of the JCDC is organizing these activities to ensure that the quality of our cultural presentations is not only of high standard, but also that as we seek to celebrate and preserve the rich cultural heritage of our country, there is even greater improvement in the high standard of presentation,” she said.
Miss Markland noted that almost all sessions would be held at the St. Gabriel’s Anglican Church Hall in May Pen, with the exception of the children’s gospel audition to be held at the Ridgemount Church Hall in Mandeville on Monday, March 1, commencing at 2:00 p.m.
She pointed out that the zone eliminations in speech would be held on February 20, while those for dance would be held on Friday, March 12.
Miss Markland explained that the ‘brush-up’ workshop would concentrate on Traditional Folk Forms and is slated for Wednesday, April 7.
She noted that the Parish Finals in Traditional Folk Forms would be held on April 22; Music, April 27 and 28; Dance, May 4; and Speech, May 6 and 7.
The Parish Manager told JIS News that music participants would advance to the Parish finals, as there would be no zone eliminations. About 450 entries have been received for participation at the preliminary level.
Miss Markland said that persons wishing to participate should contact the Clarendon Office at 1 Brooks Avenue in May Pen.

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