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The Clarendon Parish Council, bothered by the increased disregard for the parish’s building regulations, has launched an enforcement drive, which will among other things, see legal action taken against persons building without the proper approvals.
Mayor of May Pen, Councillor Milton Brown, told JIS News yesterday (Dec. 6), that developers were flouting the building regulations and the compliance rate was only between 50 and 55 per cent.
“In the Clarendon Parish Council, we are paying particular attention to compliance as far as development is concerned because we find that a lot of buildings are being put up without complying with safety regulations and other requirements.and we are being doubly cautious now . to ensure that wherever we authorise construction to take place.that to the best of our ability with all the information we have, this is happening in a safe place,” he stated.
The Mayor said that stop notices would be issued to persons who are building without the proper approvals and if these orders were ignored, then persons in breach would be brought to court.
He noted that in some instances, persons were aware of the regulations but did not submit their plans to the Council because they wanted to avoid paying fees.
The enforcement drive will be bolstered by the employment of two Compliance Officers to complement the work of the two Building Officers. The Compliance Officers should come on board in January.
In addition, the Mayor said, the Council would be seeking the assistance of the Jamaica Information Service to carry out a public education programme, particularly in the rural areas, to highlight the importance of complying with the building code. The education drive will begin next January.

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