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The Clarendon Neighbourhood Watch Council has stepped up its drive to increase the parish’s network of watches, in the quest to create safe communities in the parish.
President of the council, Naaman Alvaranga told JIS News that his group has taken on a number of community initiatives to encourage persons to support the work of the Movement and help prevent crime.
“Our work is one of partnership. We work closely with the police and other resource persons who are able to give direction in what we do on a daily basis. What we want to see is our community standing together against those who seek to intimidate and create an atmosphere of fear for law abiding citizens,” he said.
“We are the majority, and we have seen less crimes in areas where there are strong people actions, because the criminals know that they have no place to hide when I look out for by neighbour and he looks out for me,” Mr. Alvaranga added.
The parish has 30 Neighborhood Watches, with three representatives entitled to sit on the Council. The members meet every third Thursday at the May Pen court building at 4:00 p.m.
Recently the group provided meals for street people in the town centre and painted the St. Monica’s Home for Girls, and the court house. These initiatives have heightened interest in the organization and persons are making enquiries about how to set up groups in their communities.
Community Relations Officer for the Clarendon police, Sergeant Sandra Webb-Spence said the Council was working not only to prevent crime, but to lobby for better community service.
“These are people who love their community and are working to see it move forward. They not only deal with the issue of crime prevention but they are tackling the socio-economic concerns. They have also lobbied for improvement to electricity and water supply and have also received valuable information from resource personnel on how to deal with every day challenges,” Mrs. Webb-Spence said.

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