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The Clarendon Health Department will be implementing a rodent control programme in the parish, to prevent the recurrence of an outbreak of the leptospirosis disease, which affected the parish in November last year.
“We’re really taking a pro-active approach to the possibilities we may experience concerning leptospirosis with the impending rainy season. We want to tackle what Clarendon has as a nuisance and that is rats,” Carlissa Pearson, Health Educator at the Clarendon Health Department told JIS News in an interview.
According to Miss Pearson, the programme will be three-pronged, involving a rat baiting component, a clean-up campaign, and a public education programme.She noted that the rodent control programme would commence with the public education component during the week of May 8 to 12, with about 10 community sessions per month up until July.
“We’re really having a problem with our urban centres in the parish such as May Pen, Spaldings and Chapelton and these are the areas we will be focusing on. We’re targeting the business community in particular, as we have noticed that in our town centres and commercial districts there is a lot of illicit dumping and poor solid waste management practices,” she added.
Miss Pearson noted that the public education component would complement the clean-up campaign and the rat baiting process, by providing information on how to rat-proof areas, the proper disposal of garbage, the leptospirosis disease and the roles and responsibilities of persons.
The rat baiting and clean-up campaign will be spearheaded by the Clarendon Public Health Inspectorate with four Public Health Inspectors assigned to the process, Miss Pearson said.
“We’ve already had an inter-agency seminar involving government and non-government representatives to kick off the public education component and the Health Department hopes to collaborate with the Social Development Commission, the Jamaica Information Service and the Police to carry out community meetings and to make presentations at Neighbourhood Watch meetings,” she explained.
Miss Pearson said that a rat control training session targeting community leaders, would take place on May 10.

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