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To promote healthier sexual lifestyle, the Clarendon Health Department handed over a condom vending machine to the proprietors of Liba’s Esso Tiger Mart in May Pen, on July 14.
Michael Bent, Clarendon’s Health Department Parish Manager, in handing over the machine, explained that it was part of the Department’s initiative to promote safe sex.
“It is a pleasure for us to partner with Tiger Mart to have this vending machine as part of the promotion of our safe sex programme. We chose Tiger Mart because it open 24 hours and they have a very good customer base here and they are central,” he said.
Mr. Bent pointed out that HIV/AIDS, other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and unwanted pregnancy were serious problems being faced by the health sector, and that part of the solution to these problems was to provide access to condoms, so that persons could protect themselves.
Karlene Cato, Manager of Liba’s Esso Tiger Mart said that her establishment was happy to co-operate with the health department in promoting safe sex and a healthier lifestyle in general.
Health Educator at the Clarendon Health Department, Shelton Maxwell, explained that the condom vending machine was part of a pilot project initiated by Durex Condoms in 2004, and is one of four machines in the southern region, comprising Manchester, Clarendon and St. Elizabeth.
He said that the machine was able to accommodate approximately 500 condoms, with each one being sold for $30.

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