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The Correctional Services Department in Clarendon held a ‘Client Day’ on December 15 to inform members of the public about its various services. The event, held at the Department’s offices on Chapelton Road, was two-fold, said Theophilus Forrester, Acting Regional Director for Region Two.
“Today is planned for our clients.there is an educational component and there is one which is more social. Educationally, they are made aware of facilities that can assist them in their personal educational development, skills training and other wise.the social part of it.the clients are coming from all over,” he said.
Presentations were made by the Victim Support Programme as well as the HEART Trust NTA, regarding career choices.
Patrons participated in several activities including a bulla eating competition, a display of talent, a quiz grab bag, and a question and answer session.They were also feted with entertaining presentations on how to avoid teenage pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections from the ‘Bashy Bus Crew’ of the Children First Agency.
Daniel Nelson, a patron, told JIS News that, “the day has been good. The Officers from the Correctional Services Department teach you a lot. No matter what problems you get into, they’re there to help you, to talk you through and to work out what’s best for you,” he said.

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