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Twenty-one students of Clarendon College have been awarded scholarships to continue their education at the institution. The awards were part of the annual scholarships presented to students for their scholastic achievements by the South Florida chapter of the Clarendon College Alumni, at their sixth annual banquet held on November 6 at the Sheraton Hotel in Davie.
Two outstanding achievers, current Head Boy, Cleveland Ricketts and Andre Richards were specially invited guests at the event.
Both final year students boast academic success in the CXC and General Certificate of Education (GCE) examinations and were also recipients of other scholarships and academic accomplishments.
Expressing appreciation, Mr. Richards spoke to the compassion and loyalty of the members of the South Florida chapter in providing assistance to the recipients of the scholarship programme.
In addition to the annual scholarship programme, President of the South Florida chapter, Dr. Hyacinth Broderick-Scott said that the members were also contributing to a lunch feeding programme at the school to provide daily lunches for five needy students during the school year.
Six alumni volunteers, through a mentorship programme, have also been working with selected students at the school through regular contact, providing them with assistance in learning material, school fees and emotional guidance.
Another project for the alumni members is their partnership with the Air Jamaica Kids Club in providing educational assistance to children in inner city communities in Jamaica.
The South Florida chapter is currently raising funds to assist in repairs at the Chapelton campus caused by the devastation wreaked by Hurricane Ivan in September.
Dr. Broderick-Scott commended the members of the Chapter, partners and sponsors who had dedicated time and resources in promoting excellence in education in needed areas in Jamaica and the USA.
Jamaica’s Consul General to the Southeast USA, Ricardo Allicock, commended members of the South Florida Association for sharing with Jamaicans.
He told the members that as they continued to impact Jamaica through their support of their alumni, they should also invest in the country for personal as well as national development. He also pointed to the country’s achievements internationally through sports, entertainment, corporate leadership and personal success stories.
The Consul General challenged the audience to maintain a vision of purpose and continue to take pride in academic strides as Jamaica continued to make its mark globally.
The newly appointed Principal of the College, William Willis, presented a progress report for the current academic year.
Several alumni members and community supporters were also honoured for their outstanding contributions to the chapter’s projects.

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