JIS News

The Clarendon Office of the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC), will pay tribute to the late Hon. Louise Bennett Coverley (Miss Lou) on Friday, September 8, in commemoration of her birthday, which is celebrated today (September 7).
The function will be held at the Clarendon Parish Library, Main Street, May Pen, beginning at 4:00 p.m.
Miss Lou, who died in Canada on July 26, was given an official funeral by the Jamaican Government. In a JIS News interview, Errol Williams, Vice Chairman of the Clarendon Cultural Development Committee said the tribute was being held to recognise Miss Lou’s invaluable contribution to cultural development.
“It is my firm belief that Miss Lou has made a dynamic contribution to the development of culture in this country and she’s known in every nook and cranny, because of her writings and her style of presentation. We have always, over the years, celebrated her birthday in some way. It is even more significant now that she has passed on, that we continue to remember her because her impact should never be forgotten,” he stressed.
The Cultural Committee has celebrated Miss Lou’s birthday over the last four years and will host a number of activities.
These include recitation of poems and story telling to be done by schools in the parish as well as drumming and traditional folk forms.Guest speaker at the function will be Vivienne Morris Brown, Cultural Organiser for the JCDC’s St. Elizabeth office.
There will also be a presentation of traditional foods, such as mackerel run dung, ackee and saltfish, roast breadfruit, saltfish fritters, potato pudding, tie-a-leaf, grater cakes, gizzadas, coconut drops, chocolate and cocoa ‘tea’.
“We are inviting persons to join in the celebration as we pay tribute to our cultural icon,” Mr. Williams said.