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On March 5, the city of Winnipeg will rock to the sounds of Jamaica’s number one reggae icon, as the Canadian city celebrates Bob Marley Day.
This is the second year that the city is observing Bob Marley Day and Chairperson of the Organizing Committee, Jamaican-born Dan Woodstock told JIS News that the day would be used to celebrate not only the life of Bob Marley, but also Canada’s rich multi-cultural fabric.
A number of additions to this year’s event should make it as successful as last year’s celebrations, he added.
Ethiopian cuisine will be featured alongside Jamaican cuisine as an Ethiopian community group, The Ethiopian Society, has been invited to be a part of the event. A charitable organization will benefit from funds raised at the celebration. The Manitoba division of the Canadian Cancer Care Society (CCCS) will receive 85 per cent of the day’s proceeds. “It’s our way of helping to raise awareness of the disease which Bob died from and which affects a large number of people,” said Mr. Woodstock.
He noted that the Bob Marley Day celebration was becoming a popular event in Winnipeg and that all levels of government would be represented.
Mr. Woodstock said the hope was for the celebration to become a major event on the calendar for Winnipeg. He recalled a popular Sunsplash-type event dubbed, ‘Black-a-rama’, which was cancelled several years ago. “This serves as a rebirth of Black-a-rama, but with a Bob Marley flavour, in honour of the great man whose music has touched so many lives,” he noted.
Plans are underway to make the celebration an outdoor event next year. “We want to have an outdoor event, but Winnipeg is too cold in February. So next year we plan to do it in May, which is the perfect month weather-wise for Winnipeg,” Mr. Woodstock said.

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