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A new bell has been presented to the Seaside Friends Church at Hectors River in Portland, by Dr. Hugh Norton Duhaney, a past student of Happy Grove High school in the parish, who is currently residing in the United States of America.
On Sunday, April 18, a large congregation, including residents of Hectors River and other communities served by the church participated in a service for the dedication of the new bell. Also on hand was Dr. Duhaney, who addressed the service, and members of his family.
Dr. Duhaney said he was pleased to have been able to assist the church in its effort to acquire a new bell.He thanked members of the church for the support they gave him in his effort to procure the bell and expressed confidence that like the one before, it would enhance the image and appeal of the church.
He recalled his years as a member of the community and a regular worshipper at the church, adding that the gesture of providing the bell for the church paled in comparison to the many acts of kindness done for him by the members of the community while he was growing up.
Delivering the sermon, Pastor Noel Palmer commended Dr. Duhaney for the kindness he had displayed, describing it as an unselfish act, aimed at advancing the work of the church and benefiting the communities it served.
He said that the ringing of the bell was in many ways synonymous with calling people to worship, and that this was also one medium through which God regularly spoke to his people. He added that the re-introduction of the bell was a significant development in the life of the church.
Pastor of the church, Dr. Horace Hall, thanked Dr. Duhaney for his generosity and noted that members of the church were happy to have the service of a bell once more.
The previous bell was destroyed by Hurricane Gilbert in September 1988.

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