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Chief Education Officer in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture, Adelle Brown, has warned that children who are not immunised, would not be allowed to enrol in school.
Mrs. Brown told JIS News, that it was mandatory that children were immunized prior to being admitted into schools. “The main aim is to avoid the spread of communicable diseases and so we ask for full immunization.and a principal should exclude a student, who has not been fully immunized,” she stated.
Mrs. Brown pointed out that under the law, parents could be fined or imprisoned for failing to immunize their children, as full immunization was a fundamental right of the child. She also warned, that principals could face legal charges.
“If a child is not fully immunized,” she emphasized, “then the parent is accountable and could be charged a fee or face up to 30 days in prison.and the teacher could also be charged for receiving a student, who has not been immunized.”
Apart from having immunization records, Mrs. Brown noted that parents should also produce the birth certificates of their children, noting that this was also an important criterion for admittance.
Notwithstanding the fact that some parents have been delinquent in carrying out their responsibilities, Mrs. Brown commended those who have lived up to their obligations, by acting in the best interest of their children.
The Chief Education Officer also urged parents to be patient and supportive of their children, especially on the first day of school, when many of them may find it difficult to adapt to a new environment.
“In some schools, they will allow you to stay a little while with the students. Some will after a day settle down.some will need you for a week to settle if you can, stay and provide that emotional support for the child,” she encouraged.
Parents, she pointed out, should ensure that their children were aware of their correct names, the names of their parents or guardians, and the names of the communities in which they live. This information, Mrs. Brown noted, should be written and included in their school bags for ease of reference if the need arose.

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