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Chairman of the Culture, Health, Arts, Sports and Education (CHASE) Fund, Dr. Carlton Davis has hailed the achievements of Jamaica’s Olympians and Paralympians as examples for the youth to emulate in order to achieve success.
“CHASE feels absolutely gratified that the athletes did so well at the Olympics but, it goes beyond the medals. What their achievements showed was that, we can do well as long as we put our minds to it,” he told JIS News in an interview, at the reception hosted by Prime Minister P.J. Patterson in honour of Olympians on October 15 on the back lawns of Jamaica House.
The Chairman was present to hand over cheques valued at $250,000 and $100,000 respectively to Paralympians Alfanso Cunningham, gold medallist and, Tanto Campbell, bronze medallist in the discus event. The CHASE Fund not only supported the Special Olympians, but was also the major sponsor of the Special Olympics Caribbean Games that was held in Kingston during July at the National Stadium.
In total, the Fund handed over US$60,000 in cash incentives to the medallists, with bronze, silver and gold medallist being awarded US$6,000, US$8,000 and US$12,000, respectively.
Expounding on the role of CHASE in sport development, the Chairman said that by supporting sport, discipline and good conduct could be fostered, thereby culminating in “a more ordered and decent society”.
“Our important role is to fund sports as an activity for development, which also inculcate team spirit as well as good conduct, excellence and health,” he noted. This is in addition to, using the funds in the area of culture, arts, health and early childhood education to enhance the overall development of the Jamaican people.
Since its inception last year, CHASE has approved in excess of a half a billion dollars in the areas of sports, health, education, culture and arts. More than $244 million has been made available to sport, $105 million to health, $37 million for education, and $128 million for arts and culture.

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