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Claribell Scarlett of Dumfries in St. James, is a very proud and strong centenarian.
Displaying agility and sharpness of memory at her 100th birthday celebration put on by her close family and friends on Saturday, May 14 at the Dumfries Community Centre, Mrs. Scarlett seems determined to add many more years to her milestone.
She was easily mistaken for one of the guests at the function, as she briskly walked from the car, which had taken her to the ceremony, stopping to meet and greet several persons, calling each by name.
Mrs. Scarlett was born on May 14, 1905 in the district of Duanvale in Trelawny, where she grew up. She left the area at an early age and took up residence in neighbouring Wakefield in the same parish, where she attended the Elementary school.After leaving school, Mrs. Scarlett entered the farming arena, where she dedicated her entire life, cultivating and selling agricultural produce in Wakefield and adjoining communities.
She met and fell in love with Eustace Scarlett, affectionately called ‘Tata U’, and was married in 1949 in Dumfries, which became her new hometown. The union produced two boys and one girl, but unfortunately the two boys predeceased her.
Mrs. Scarlett is an ardent and committed member of the Hampden United Church, where she became a Christian in 1940. She joined the church choir soon after, and is still active in the group. She has also served in other areas in the church. She lost her husband in 1979, but this did not slowed her involvement in agriculture. Mrs. Scarlett continues to cultivate and sells her produce.
Family friend, Hyacinth Clarke, in paying tribute at the function, described Mrs. Scarlett as a hardworking, industrious, honest and law-abiding citizen who is highly respected by all.
“She has been known as a disciplinarian and a firm and uncompromising parent, qualities so badly needed in our homes today. We need as parents, to come back in our right authority as good parents and pattern this model parent,” Mrs. Clarke said.
“This notable woman is blessed with good sight and today reads without glasses. I refer to her as a virtuous woman.This great Centenarian has been a role model for all the ages and today she is reaping the fruits of her labour,” she added.
Pastor of the Hampden United Church, Rev. Glenroy Clarke, in paying tribute to Mrs. Scarlett, said that old age was a blessing from God.
“Today I thank God that although Mrs. Scarlett is 100 years old, all her faculties are intact and you can tell that she is a strong woman by her voice as she sings on the choir and even by her walk. Let us today pattern her sense of commitment to God and the church,” Rev. Clarke said.
In her reply, Mrs. Scarlett said that if people love God with all their heart, he would provide for their every need.
“I love God and I am still praising him every day, because he has given me long life. I am asking one and all to please look to Jesus who is our Saviour and friend. Love and serve him and he will give you long life as he has given me,” she said.

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