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The Canadian chapter of the College of Arts, Science and Technology/University of Technology (CAST/UTech) Alumni Association, has presented scholarships valued at Cdn$3,500 to four students of Caribbean background, who are studying at tertiary institutions in Ontario.
The four recipients – Giovanna Heron, Tameik Smith, Kayla Stephenson and Leighton Watson – were given their awards at a brunch held last Sunday (Oct. 2) at Club Paradise in Toronto.
President of the Association, Greg Allen, said that the organization was committed to providing assistance to students in Canada and at UTech in Jamaica.
“We are planning to make annual scholarship awards and building partnerships with corporations and service organizations that will complement our fundraising efforts to allow us to provide assistance to more students,” he stated.
Chairman of the awards committee, William Woolnough, informed that initially, only two scholarships were to be awarded, but after seeing the need of the students, the committee decided to make four presentations.
Nineteen-year-old Giovanna is a graduate of Immaculate High School in Constant Spring, Kingston. She is currently enrolled in the three-year Environmental Technology certificate programme at Humber College, and has plans to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Studies.
Tameik, 22, who was not present to receive her award, is in her second year at Sheridan College studying Social Sciences (Gerontology). She graduated from George Harvey Collegiate and plans to further her studies by completing a Bachelor of Arts degree.
Kayla, who is 18, is a student at George Brown College and is very interested in community service. While attending high school she worked with disabled children and now works with children suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). She wants to become a social worker or counsellor.
Twenty-year-old Leighton was born in Jamaica but grew up in the United Kingdom. He passed 11 subjects at the General Certificate Examination (GCE) level and is presently attending Seneca College where he is studying business. He also has plans to go on to university and pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Business Science.
Pediatrician, Dr. Tara Allen, who was one of the main speakers at the function, told the students to keep their eyes on the prize, and noted that with the support of family and friends, no problem was insurmountable.
Further encouragement came from young professionals Abigail Browne, who practices pharmaceutical patent law and Oliver Thomas, a market researcher in the pharmaceutical industry, who urged the students to hard work to achieve success.
To qualify for the CAST/UTech scholarship, students must be of Caribbean descent and are citizens or permanent resident in Canada and reside in Ontario; be enrolled in a tertiary institution; demonstrate financial need and good academic performance; and have good standing in their community.

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