Cast and Crew for CWC Opening Ceremony Lauded

Manager of the opening ceremony for the ICC Cricket World Cup, Martin Lewis, has lauded the efforts of the 2,000 cast and crew, who were working around the clock to put the final touches on the March 11 ceremony, which will kick off the largest sporting spectacle in the region.
“The effort that is required to go in far outweighs the remunerations or compensation that any person gets and I must use this opportunity to say thank you to all the people who are participating,” he said in an interview with JIS News.
He noted that, “everyone has been pitching in and doing their utmost from the 15 year-old kids to the adults of 50 years and older, who are in the cast and crew”.
According to Mr. Lewis, the participants, who include regional and international recording artistes, exhibit the true spirit of volunteerism.
“Everybody in some respect is volunteering. Nobody is charging full cost; nobody is requesting heavy requirements for the opening ceremony. Everybody is giving 110 per cent in respect to what they are going to put out. Everybody realizes the scale and importance of the event and all are on the same page in wanting to present a wonderful international event,” he pointed out.
Commenting on the support provided by other host countries, Mr. Lewis told JIS News that the other eight Local Organizing Committees (LOC) had stepped up to the crease in terms of their financial obligations. All have committed to providing some US$500,000 to secure the services of suitable consultants and technical expertise to execute the event.
“It is the ‘in kind’ commitments that have proven difficult for some,” Mr. Lewis indicated, noting that it was a difficulty, to some extent, which has accounted for the use of a mostly Jamaican cast for the ceremony. They have however, benefited from the expertise of trainers, so as to properly represent the cultures from the different islands. “As you can imagine, the logistical issues weigh heavily on any plan and moving large numbers of persons from anywhere to another place, it will be a serious draw on resources,” Mr. Lewis noted.
The opening ceremony, which is slated for the Trelawny Multipurpose Stadium, is expected to cost some US$2 million.

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