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Group Managing Director of the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ), Dr. Ruth Potopsingh, has said that Jamaicans should explore the option of carpooling to reduce the national energy bill.
“Fuel for transportation is 29 per cent of the energy used in Jamaica, and a saving of almost 3 per cent of our petroleum import bill, which last year was over US$1.3 billion, will make a recognisable difference,” Dr. Potopsingh outlined.
The PCJ Managing Director, who was speaking at a Jamaica Gasoline Retailers Association function today (Nov. 1) at the Alhambra Inn, said that carpooling, in addition to reducing the use of air conditioning and regular maintenance of vehicles would not only benefit the government, but would also cut down on costs to the consumer.
Dr. Potopsingh said that “if we reduced our petrol use by 10 per cent, the impact on your individual bill will be noticeable [and] the impact on the national petroleum bill will be significant.”

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