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The second edition of the parenting manual ‘Pathways to Parenting: A Caribbean Approach’ was officially launched today (Nov. 8) by Parenting Partners Caribbean.
United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Representative to Jamaica, Bertrand Bainvel, in his remarks at a press briefing held at the Alhambra Inn hotel to launch the publication, congratulated Parenting Partners Caribbean for producing the training manual, which he said, was of a high standard.
“It is heartening to see such a project come to fruition reflecting the experiences, approaches and cultural variation of this diverse region,” Mr. Bainvel said.
He added that “the information is up-to-date and the methodologies are participatory and fun. It oversees the particular needs along the critical phases of development throughout childhood”.
The revised Pathways to Parenting manual consists of four modules, each containing six to eight sessions with related readings which are organised to meet different sets of parental needs and interests. Contained is information from the first edition, in addition to new material produced by writers and editors from various Caribbean countries.
Among the topics covered are: preparing to be a parent; learning to be a parent; preparing your children for school; what is a child; managing stress; managing finances; and investing with our children.
Dr. Maureen Samms-Vaughn, Executive Chairperson of the Early Childhood Commission, endorsed the creation of the manual, noting that it has provided a structured approach to parenting.
“We cannot have a haphazard approach to parenting and we cannot have a haphazard approach to nation building. We must have a structured approach; we must have an approach that runs from the national level straight to the ground level and Parenting Partners have provided us with a basis to do this,” she pointed out.
She added that “they have provided us with all the elements of training, not just how to be a parent, but also how to look at ourselves before we begin parenting, which is so important”.
Dr. Samms Vaughn indicated that the manual would be used as a guide in the creation of a national policy on parenting.
“The Early Childhood Commission is spearheading the development of the national policy on parenting for the Ministry of Education and Youth and this manual is going to be one of our resource materials to help us to guide that policy,” she informed.
In his remarks, Vice Chairperson for the Coalition for Better Parenting, Richard Troupe, noted that the information provided was relevant to the Caribbean society and “what is happening in today’s reality”.The publication of the manual was funded by UNICEF, Caribbean Support Initiative and the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica.