Caribbean Business Club Moves to 20-24 Barbados Avenue March 11

Caribbean Business Club, whose mandate is to drive the business aspect of the legacy of Cricket World Cup (CWC) 2007, will be temporarily located in the 3M Building at 20-24 Barbados Avenue in New Kingston, during the Group Stage matches from March 11 to 27.
Previously, the networking facility could be accessed at its virtual reality domain at, to which it will revert after that period.
The business club is the brainchild of Jamaica Trade and Invest, formerly JAMPRO.
Lesley-Ann Thompson, Marketing and Communications Specialist with Jamaica Trade and Invest, told JIS News that Caribbean Business Club was a networking tool that was developed to create international business connections for local companies and that it had been in virtual space until now.
“We will have physical club houses where members and invited guests can schedule meetings, use our media centre, attend briefing sessions, do business matching and benefit from networking events,” she disclosed.
There would be some 17 days of activities, Miss Thompson noted, divided into special day and evening events. In addition, Jamaica Trade and Invest has partnered with approximately 20 private sector companies to showcase “export ready” Jamaican products in the clubhouse.
Miss Thompson said that so far, the responses from the 800 members of the club, and also the investors, who are being targeting through Jamaica Investment Attraction Programme (JIAP), have been very positive. “These people will be coming together at our clubhouse to meet and learn more about the country.
We are making sure that people are more comfortable with opportunities here and know what they are,” she informed. This will, of course, be in between watching the cricket at Sabina Park.
“We want them to see that we have the infrastructure in place to support businesses and that we have great airports and access to a solid banking and telecommunications industry, that can support global businesses,” Miss Thompson continued.
In the meantime, she said that international interest accounted for at least 25 per cent of the membership in the Caribbean Business Club.
“This number is growing every day as we have been really doing targeted marketing efforts, focusing on new and emerging markets, such as Australia and India, to get the membership going,” she explained.
A similar clubhouse opened in Montego Bay on March 3, but in a smaller space at Shop #10 in the Half Moon Village Shopping Centre. “This one is operating like a business lounge until March 15,” Miss Thompson said.

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