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The Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) will be launching a nutrition guide entitled: ‘Eating Right, When Money Tight’ on Wednesday, July 29 at its offices at 2 Seaview Avenue in Kingston.
“We are hoping that this book (guide) will aid families, consumers in general, to get some low-cost meal ideas that will help them to channel their limited resources well,” Regional Officer at the CAC, Richard Rowe told JIS News.
“These are very difficult times and we are trying to find out what we can do with the limited resources that we have…and so the CAC, being cognisant of this fact, has now prepared a book that we can share with consumers,” he said further.
Mr. Rowe informed that the guide contains basic recipes, low-cost meal ideas and nutritional tips for the entire family.
“It (the guide) will provide some alternatives. We are bringing back those days when we can prepare a one-pot meal and have it very tasty with all the nutrients and values that we require from a meal,” he pointed out.
The nutritional guide is not for sale and copies will be distributed across the island in bookstores, schools, libraries, at the CAC offices and sister agencies.
In the meantime, as parents plan for back-to-school, Mr. Rowe is advising that the guide could be utilised in creating healthy nutritional meals and snacks for children.
“You have to plan properly, make budgets and prioritise. I believe our health should be first on our priority list…so we have to treat our body right, eat properly and exercise,” he stated.

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