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Thanks to their local cable provider, St. Catherine residents can now stay at home and watch discussions between their Councillors and Mayor at the monthly held meetings of the St. Catherine Parish Council.
A meeting at the Council’s Chamber in Spanish Town was video taped for the first time on Thursday, April 8, by the Jamaica Amalgamated Cable Systems. It is soon to be aired on Channel 50 for viewers in Portmore, Spanish Town and Hellshire districts.
Following the meeting, Mayor of St. Catherine, Dr. Raymoth Notice told JIS News that the Cable Company has been invited to record and broadcast future monthly meetings of the Council. He said that persons viewing the programme would see how they were being represented by their Councillors. He said it would also help to lift the morale of Councillors, improve their attendance at meetings, and the quality of their presentations.
The Mayor noted that some councillors “are very tardy, disrespectful and do not attend meetings.” However, despite all this, he said, “we’ve been doing our best as a team.”
“Leadership is not about choosing sides, it’s about trying to work with all sides and that is what we’re achieving,” he said.
The Mayor said that the Council would also be inviting other cable operators in the parish to videotape the proceedings. He noted that they would not be restricted in their taping of discussions by Councillors. “It will be uncensored, because it is the people’s business,” he added.
The Mayor said that he was hoping that the viewing of meetings would encourage community members to attend Parish Council meetings and take their concerns to the Mayor and Councillors.
Persons or organisations that wish to make presentations should submit these concerns in writing to the Secretary/Manager one week before the Council meeting. At the meeting, he said, persons would be allowed to address only issues they indicated.

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