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< Minister of Information and Development, Hon. Donald Buchanan, has said that the Cabinet Office would be undertaking a programme of reconstruction and modernization, which is aimed at improving the system of governance. "The strategic reconstruction and modernization of that office. will seek to make the whole administration of government with specific reference to the responsibilities of the Cabinet Office, more efficient and more effective," Minister Buchanan said at yesterday (Jan. 29) weekly post-Cabinet press briefing at Jamaica House. The Information Minister said that under the reconstruction aspect of the project, a number of new units would be established namely, a Cabinet Support Management Division, Strategy Unit, Performance Management Unit, Human Resource Management Division, Evaluation Unit, while the Public Sector Modernization Division would be restructured. In terms of the modernization efforts, he informed that the office had already outlined a new mission statement, with a number of new objectives aimed at facilitating high quality decision making; managing and developing specific policies and projects of strategic significance on a time limited basis; leading, developing and supporting the modernization of government; and securing substantial measurable improvements in performance and capacity, among others. A report from the Cabinet Office had indicated a clear need "for a process of establishing and communicating a single and coherent statement of national development priorities, that will consolidate the existing fragmented strategies, and provide a framework for the development, implementation and monitoring of integrated policies, that work together to develop the government's overall poverty eradication and sustainable development goals".