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Today’s Special Cabinet Meeting on the 2013/14 Budget focused attention on the issues relating to the Growth Agenda, beginning with the administrative and legislative reforms to enhance business facilitation. 

The meeting also received reports on developments in Public Sector transformation, initiatives in the Energy sector, including results of conservation measures, and projects geared at reducing the country's vulnerability to external shocks. 

Cabinet members supported the Prime Minister's view that improvements in the ease of doing business should apply not only to foreign investors with major projects but also to all citizens in their dealings with the Government of Jamaica.  Strategies for breaking the cycle of low growth were examined in some detail, with a view to generating specific productivity gains in both public and private development projects.

Special attention is to be paid to Education, Health and Social Protection both as contributors to economic growth and as a national imperative for improving the quality of life of all citizens.

The final session of the Cabinet Retreat takes place tomorrow morning.

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