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The Government has approved the award of a $23 million contract to undertake road rehabilitation works in Jackson, St. Mary.
The works, which will be undertaken by Contract Enterprises Limited, will be financed by the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF).
“The rehabilitation of this road will have a major impact on this community, which will be contributing .some 10 per cent of the cost of rehabilitation by virtue of sweat equity and other forms of community input,” said Information and Development Minister, Donald Buchanan at yesterday’s (Dec.18) weekly post-Cabinet press briefing at Jamaica House.
He informed that Jackson District “is essentially a poor community with high levels of unemployment, few skilled persons and regular migration of the more skilled from the community due to prevailing social conditions”.
He said the project was filling an urgent need in the community, as the roads were in a state of disrepair, “becoming rugged, the surface rutted, having large potholes and when rain falls, is most muddy and slippery”.
According to the Development Minister, the contract was subject to the state-prescribed procurement guidelines and as such, met all the set requirements.

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