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Cabinet has given the go-ahead for the Ministry of Health and the Health Corporation of Jamaica, to award contracts for the procurement of pharmaceuticals ($908.4 million) as well as medical sundries ($139.2 million), to supply the island’s hospital system.
This was announced yesterday (October 2), by Minister of Information and Development, Senator Colin Campbell, at the weekly post-Cabinet press briefing at Jamaica House.
Senator Campbell informed journalists that some 18 contracts had been approved for the pharmaceutical companies and six contracts for the medical sundry companies.
He further informed that additional drugs, which are needed for the hospital system, would be supplied by what is called limited shopping. “That is, they will purchase those pharmaceuticals that are needed for the system as it arises, because the tenders were not responded to by the various suppliers, with respect to those particular drugs,” he explained.
In addition, Cabinet also approved the award of a $69.7 million contract to Jatlin Construction and Associates for the construction of a Health Centre in Highgate, St. Mary. Construction is expected to last for 11 months.

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