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Cabinet has approved contracts for the procurement and distribution of text- books for the 2007 Secondary School Text-book Programme.
Companies which will benefit from the award of these contracts are Sangster’s Book Stores Limited in the sum of $237,569,586.16; Carlong Publishers Caribbean Limited, $203,747,194.70; Kingston Bookshop, $81,356,948.35; Book Wizard Limited, $85,314,000.44 and Bryan’s Bookstore Limited, $2,174,443.18.
This was announced yesterday (June 25), by Minister of Information and Development, Donald Buchanan, at the weekly post Cabinet press briefing held at Jamaica House.
“These contracts are for the procurement and distribution of textbooks which are to be loaned to students under the secondary school textbook programme 2007,” Mr. Buchanan explained.
He also noted that Cabinet approved the award of a contract for the supply and distribution of Primary Integrated Science work books to approximately 815 schools islandwide.
The contract has been awarded to Carlong Publishers Caribbean Limited in the sum of $319,374,000. “This will serve to ensure that our children have the requisite and adequate material to work with at that level,” Mr. Buchanan said.
In addition, a contract has been awarded to Von Hoffman Corporation for printing and distributing Literacy One, Two and Three books to Primary Schools islandwide. This contract is worth some $44.3 million.

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