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The Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ) has unveiled its Label Registration Programme (LRP), as part of its continued drive to facilitate the trade of quality products for consumers.
Team Leader of the Inspectorate Division of the BSJ, Merle Donaldson, at a recent awareness forum held at the Hilton Hotel in New Kingston, explained that the programme aimed to eliminate labelling violations and register compliant labels for pre-packaged goods in trade.
“The programme presents a welcomed opportunity to continue the trend of increased efficiency in the tools used by the Bureau to facilitate the trade of safe, quality products for consumers, one of the keys to economic success,” the Team Leader informed.
Through the LRP, traders will be provided with an avenue to ensure that their products meet the required labelling standards, leading to increased compliance and informed consumers.
Outlining the benefits of the programme to traders, Miss Donaldson pointed out that such an initiative would allow goods with registered labels, “to move with greater ease through the ports of entry,” without being detained or withdrawn from sale.
She appealed to traders and business interests to be a part of the programme, which “will lead to increased efficiency in monitoring products traded in Jamaica.”
The Bureau of Standards Jamaica is a statutory body established by the Standards Act of 1968. Its main functions are promoting and verifying the implementation of standards for goods, services, and processes. The Bureau enforces compliance to technical regulations for those commodities and practices which affect health and safety.

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