JIS News

Executive Director for the Jamaica Local Organising Committee (LOC), Robert Bryan is expressing deep satisfaction with the successful staging of the opening ceremony for the ICC Cricket World Cup (CWC) 2007 on March 11, held at the Multi-purpose stadium in Trelawny.
“We are very pleased that the country is happy and that the country feels proud at what was done, taking into account the tremendous work of the cast, the team and the LOC and the difficulties that we encountered in getting this done,” Mr. Bryan told JIS News, while at Sabina Park overseeing the last minute touches for the game between the West Indies and Pakistan tomorrow (March 13).
“We are just very satisfied that we were able to do it and do it on time and in a manner that would make the region and the country proud,” he said.
The Executive Director said that the feedback has been very good. “The objective that we maintained for this event was that we should try to put our best foot forward and I am just very happy that a large majority of the feedback that I have gotten, has been extremely good,” Mr. Bryan said.
He now hopes that Jamaicans will again feel good about themselves and will want to ensure that the event is a success. “Hopefully, this will translate into more ticket sales,” he said.
In the meantime, he said that history would be created in Jamaica on March 13 with the first match of the tournament.
“Tomorrow no matter what, even if another ticket is not sold, it will be the largest attending audience to a cricket match in the history of the country because of the capacity of the stadium,” he informed.
“The match will also be important as the television audience is expected to be very large, because it is the opening match of the ICC CWC 2007 and this will be beamed right across the world,” the Executive Director pointed out.