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My fellow Jamaicans.good evening
We await the impact of Tropical Storm Ernesto, which should be on our shores by early Sunday morning. Ernesto continues on a path towards the island.
Although Jamaica may be spared a direct hit, hurricane force winds could affect Northern parishes.and the entire country will get heavy rainfall.
I call on all Jamaicans to come together, united and assist each other, as we prepare to face these severe weather conditions.
I call on parents and communities to ensure the safety of our children, senior citizens and persons with disabilities.
It is important that we all remain calm; and I encourage you to listen carefully to the news reports and advisories from the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM); and the National Met Service, as the weather conditions could worsen and change rapidly.
The country is now under a storm warning and hurricane watch; and I remind everyone how important it is to take all necessary precautions at this time-to protect life and property.
Emergency shelters across the island have been activated. Citizens are reminded to take basic emergency supplies for babies; and those with special needs must take their medication with them.to the shelter.
I take this opportunity to remind persons who may use shelters, that they should take special care of the facilities.and be reminded that the new school year begins next week.and the education of our children must not be disrupted.
Citizens living in flood-prone, low lying and coastal area should make arrangements to stay with relatives and friends or move to the shelter closest to you.
Early evacuation is critical, especially for persons who live in areas that have been flooded in the past.
JUTC buses have been put on stand-by in Kingston and Montego Bay, to assist with the evacuation of citizens, if necessary.
All toll roads, by agreement with the operators, will allow free passage to all users.from mid-night tonight.until mid-night tomorrow.
Emergency supplies from ODPEM have been pre-positioned in all parishes in preparation for the storm.
The Ministry of Transport and Works has also pre-positioned equipment to begin clearing the roads immediately after the storm passes.
All seaports have been closed, as of this afternoon; Container Terminal, at Port Bustamante, will close at 10:00 o’clock tonight.
The Security Forces have been put on full alert to deal with any challenges.
I pray that our country will be spared the fury of this storm. And, it is my personal hope that there will be no loss of life or damage to property.
Let us unite and ask God to watch over us in this hour.
Prime Minister Portia Simpson MillerAugust, 26, 2006