British Govt. Announces New Border Control Action Plan

The British authorities on (January 14), announced a new border control action plan that includes the finger printing of all visa applicants, and plans for compulsory ID cards for foreign nationals who want to stay in the United Kingdom.
Home Office Minister, Liam Byrnes announced that the global rollout of a programme requiring visa applicants to submit to fingerprint checks was complete and is in place months ahead of schedule. Anyone applying for a visa from one of 133 countries must now have their fingerprints checked against UK databases. A release from the UK Home Office said so far, fingerprints have been taken from more than one million visa applicants, and 10,000 of those have been found to have previous immigration or asylum cases. The programme has also prevented 500 cases of identity fraud.
Other border controls to be implemented include spot fines for employers who do not make right-to-work checks, the introduction of a new points system for managing migration, the introduction of a single border force and police-like powers for frontline staff, activation powers to automatically deport foreign national prisoners, and the expansion of detention capacity.

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