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Some 64 boys at the Copse Place of Safety in Hanover were feted today (December 22) by members of the Optimist Club of Rose Hall in Montego Bay. The boys were entertained with Christmas carols, and presented with gift and refreshments.
President of the Club, Claudette Coombs told JIS News that the treat was carried out in accordance with the mission of the club, which was to “bring out the best in children”.
“The projects in the club focus on young people, whereby we seek to provide mentorship for them. We have a ‘dare to say no to drugs’ programme where members of the club go into schools and other institutions and have demonstrations with the children, expounding to them why it is important for them to stay off drugs and to stay focused,” she said.
“We believe that the young people are our future and they are the next generation and once they stay focused, we will have a better society,”Miss Coombs added.
Acting Superintendent of the Copse Place of Safety, Bethune Wilson told JIS News that the kind gesture by the Optimist Club was appreciated by the boys.
“The boys at the home have always seen us as care givers, but whenever persons come from outside, it brings added joy and appreciation and they are extremely glad. I would like to thank members of the club for coming to visit and treat the boys. It’s good to know that the Optimist Club is a part of them here at Copse Place of Safety,” she said.

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