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The Portland office of the Social Development Commission (SDC) will be partnering with the Boundbrook community in Port Antonio to implement an environmental protection programme, aimed at sustaining development projects recently completed in the area.
This programme will be promoted through the staging of a series of public fora in the community, commencing February 9, at the Boundbrook Infant School.
Other dates and venues for the meetings include: Thursday, February 23 at Titchfield High School; Monday, March 6 at Norwich Primary School; Thursday, March 9 at Boundbrook Infant School; Wednesday, March 15 and Thursday, March 16 at Port Antonio Primary School.
Community Development Officer for the SDC, Nadine Simpson, told JIS News that 10 meetings would be held to sensitise the residents about a number of environmental issues, including public health diseases that could result from pollution, coastal conservation and contamination, bio-diversity and best solid waste methods and applications.
She noted that the presentations would be made by representatives from a number of organizations, such as the Portland Environmental Protection Association (PEPA), the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA), the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA), and the Portland Health Department.
Miss Simpson pointed out that the increased awareness that would result from the series of public fora would not only benefit the Boundbrook community, but would also impact positively on adjoining communities, including Norwich, Snow Hill and Stony Hill.
In recent years, the Boundbrook community has been involved in a number of environmental protection projects, aimed at enhancing the development of the community and mitigating the effects of future disasters, such as flooding and hurricanes.
Among the most notable was the partnership with the Coastal Water Improvement Project to conduct a comprehensive drain cleaning project in the area, resulting in a significant reduction in the incidence of flooding.

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