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The Pediatric Ward of the Cornwall Regional Hospital has benefited from a refrigerator valued at approximately $12,000 to enhance its breastfeeding programme.
President of the Kiwanis Club of Providence, Montego Bay, Joan Johnson, made the presentation to Pediatrician, Dr. Tracey Gilbert, during a brief ceremony held yesterday (May 1) at the hospital.
The refrigerator will be used to store expressed breast milk for babies on the ward. Thanking the club for the gift, Dr. Gilbert noted that, “breastfeeding is the very best start a mommy can give her baby in life, and what you have done here today is help to encourage the mothers.if they are unable to be here, to at least have the breast milk here for the babies”.
“We really appreciate this gift and again commend you for the work you have been doing for the children,” Dr. Gilbert noted.
The Pediatric Ward of the Cornwall Regional Hospital has, over the years, benefited from the generosity of the Kiwanis Club of Providence, and most recently, the group gave a facelift to the ward and bathroom, and established a library at an estimated cost of $250,000.
According to Ms. Johnson, the club has been closely associated with the ward and has assisted in various ways to make the children comfortable and feel more loved while undergoing medical attention.
“We have been an integral part of the institution over the past and this year, we are seeking to continue the trend based on the focus of Kiwanis International which is, serving the children of the world,” Ms. Johnson told JIS News.
The gift to the hospital is part of the club’s activities to mark Child Month, which is being celebrated in May under the theme: ‘Restore the family, save our children’.

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