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The Coffee Industry Board’s farmer training programme has been boosted with the donation of $25,000 from the Kingston-based fertiliser manufacturing company, Newport-Fersan.
John Allen, the company’s general manager, told JIS News that the money “is to assist the board with its various training programmes offered to coffee farmers throughout the island”.
“We thought that they were doing a good job in meeting the training needs of coffee farmers, who sometimes didn’t always do the correct farming practices,” he added.
In addition to the money, Newport-Fersan has also donated a number of sacks of fertilizers to be distributed to farmers and for demonstration purposes.
Mr. Allen pointed out that it was important for farmers to improve crop production and efficiency to survive and progress. “Jamaica’s farmers have to be as productive as the farmers in other countries. We can’t allow the other man to be growing say 1,000 berries on his coffee plantation and we are only doing half of that, because they have to buy and provide all the inputs like they do, and if they’re not maximizing production, they should probably be thinking of something else to do,” he noted.
The Coffee Industry Board is on a drive to improve the farming practices in the high and lowland regions of the island.

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