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The 386 students of the Bogue Hill All-Age School in St. James, can now renew their quest to master the world of Information Technology, as the Library at that institution is once again equipped with a State of the Art computer system. The computer system was a gift from the Optimist Club of Rose Hall, of which the President, Ms. Claudette Coombs is a past student of that institution.
The presentation of the computer system took place during a brief ceremony at the institution on Tuesday (May10), with the Vice Principal of the school, Miss Olive Jackson receiving the gift on behalf of the school family.
According to Ms. Coombs, the computer system was acquired by her club at a cost of approximately $52,000. It represents the first of such equipment which the Optimist Club plans to continue with a view of establishing a computer laboratory at that school. She said that being a past student has urged her to lobby within her club for whatever assistance it can give to that institution, as the school is in need of a lot of help.
Vice Principal of the school, Olive Jackson, supported the claim that the school could do with a lot of assistance, adding that the computer system they are receiving would supplement what is already in place within the school’s library. “Most of our students are not computer literate, and we would like all of them to become computer literate, so quite naturally this gift will benefit most of them”, she stated.
She said that the older students would be encouraged to do some of their assignments on the computer, and time on the computer would be extended to some of the younger students whenever possible. She appealed to parents to show more interest in what is happening within the school.
The Bogue Hill All-Age School has been in existence since 1963 serving surrounding areas such as Ramble Hill, Bogue Hill, Wales Pond, Comfort Hall, Bogue Heights, Bogue Village and Reading, all within a three-mile radius.

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