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A refrigerator, gas stove and medical supplies valued at some US$2,000 (J$122,000), were handed over recently to the Bog Walk Health Centre in St. Catherine.
The donation was made by the Bog Walk Health Committee and ‘Friends’ of the health centre in Atlanta, United States. Jamaican-born Claudette Codner spearheaded the drive with the ‘Friends’ in Atlanta to assist the health centre.
Accepting the gift, Chief Health Nurse at the centre, Winsome Simpson said the staff members were grateful for the donation. “They will be of much use to the clinic,” she said.
President of the Bog Walk Health Committee, Sebert Hunter said that the committee’s mandate was to make the centre the best in Jamaica and assist in providing the health care needs of Bog Walk residents.”We try to do whatever we can, as citizens, to make life comfortable for others,” he said.
Mr. Hunter said there were plans by the committee to tile the flooring of the clinic as well as refurbish the section occupied by the maternity nurse. “As soon as funds are available, we are planning to have it grilled also,” he added.
The President pointed out that the Committee raised over $100,000 in November 1999, through fund-raising activities to assist in purchasing furniture for the clinic, which began operating in March 6, 2000. The funds were used to purchase 50 chairs, seven desks and four filing cabinets, he noted.
“We all have a tremendous task ahead of us in helping to make this clinic the best one in Jamaica that will serve Bog Walk and its environs,” Mr. Hunter said.

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