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The Bob Marley Museum will be open on Sunday, February 6 to showcase the talent and work of international Reggae icon, Robert Nesta Marley O.D. in honour of the 60th birthday of the legendary superstar. This is the first time the museum will be opening its doors on a Sunday.
Managing Director of the Bob Marley Foundation, Stephanie Marley, and the fifth child of Robert and Rita Marley disclosed this in a JIS News interview at the Bob Marley Symposium held at St. Gabriel’s Anglican Church Hall in May Pen on Wednesday, February 2.
The Symposium is part of a series, which commenced in Westmoreland on Wednesday, February 2, then moved to St. Mary on Thursday, February 3, and which will go to St. Thomas on Friday February 4, as part of Bob Marley Week celebrations.
“On Sunday we’re opening the Bob Marley Museum for the first Sunday ever, February 6 this year and we’re inviting Jamaicans because we don’t get enough support from our Jamaicans as much as we get abroad, so it will be good to see more of our own people coming out to see more of Bob Marley and his history,” she said.
Ms. Marley also said that she was inviting corporate Jamaica and craftsmen to the Foundation to explore ideas in order to promote the ‘Dem a go tired fi see mi face’ initiative, which is aimed at promoting the image and work of Bob Marley.
“We’d love to see Daddy on more billboards and we’re talking to Air Jamaica about doing a signature ‘Spirit of Bob’ plane as well as Digicel doing a card for the 60th anniversary celebrations,” she disclosed.
The Managing Director addressed hundreds of students from at least ten schools in the central region of Jamaica at the Symposium, encouraging them to pursue their aspirations.
“Follow the rhythm of your heart, follow your goals and your dreams. Be motivated to use the talents you have. Sometimes we don’t all have the opportunity.Bob Marley did not get the opportunity, it wasn’t given to him, he had to fight for his opportunity, so sometimes it might take a little effort or a little more effort than you want to give. Keep your motivation high,” she said.
Ms. Marley said she remembered her father as a humble man who left the disciplining of the children to his wife. She added that she attributed his soft-heartedness to his passion for people and his “preoccupation with love”, which was evident in many of his songs.
She noted also that Bob Marley was a kind, peaceful, disciplined man who, spoke to injustice through his songs and enjoyed fun and physical activity, particularly football. Ms. Marley presented copies of two books titled ‘Bob Marley Soul Rebel – Natural Mystic’ and ‘The Boy from Nine Mile – The early years of Bob Marley’ to the libraries of the schools.
The event was organized by the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC), which has been showcasing the life, work and talent of Bob Marley through symposia, which have taken different forms since the declaration of his birthday as an official day of celebration in 1991.

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