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With the new school term in progress since Monday, January 8, Cabinet has approved four contracts to supply goods to schools participating in the School Feeding Programme.
One contract valued at $24,475,000 has been awarded to T. Geddes Grant to supply 15,000 bags of long grain rice and 2,500 cases of tinned mackerel to support the traditional component of the School Feeding Programme.
This announcement was made by Information and Development Minister, Donald Buchanan, at the weekly post-Cabinet press briefing, held at Jamaica House yesterday (January 8).
The Minister said a contract valued at $13,986,000 was awarded to Seprod Limited to supply 4,000 bags of corn meal, 2,700 cases of corned beef and 4,300 pails of vegetable oil. A third contract has been awarded to GraceKennedy Limited in the sum of $5,680,000 for the supply of 4,000 bags of counter flour.
A fourth contract has been awarded to Beta Milk Company Limited in the amount of $34,492,000 for the supply of 5,000 bags of dried skimmed milk powder and 240 drums of butter oil.
“This contract is to support the nutribun component of the School Feeding Programme and overall, this represents the government expenditure for this term with respect to support of this programme,” said Mr. Buchanan.
He added that the School Feeding Programme would provide the “basic nutrition support for students in Basic, Primary, All-age and some High Schools which were previously designated comprehensive High Schools”.

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