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As the Ministry of Agriculture reinforces its relevance as one of the driving forces in the economic and social development of Jamaica, its headquarters on Old Hope Road will be buzzing with excitement when the best in agriculture is showcased on September 29 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
The agricultural exposition is being held for the first time and will have as its theme: ‘Promoting Food Safety, Food Security and Export Development’.
In an interview with JIS News, Chief Technical Director in the Ministry, Don McGlashan explained that the exposition would highlight a number of developments taking place in the industry, such as plant and animal research and in international trade. “We want to showcase to the public what we are doing in terms of research.ensuring food safety and security and in international trade,” he said.
The event, he pointed out, would serve to inform and educate the public about the various services that the Ministry offered, and would take the form of displays, presentations, and demonstrations.
In addition to farmers, hoteliers, exporters, entrepreneurs, and housewives, the exposition would also be relevant to students and young people who are already involved in agriculture and who might wish to pursue careers in the sector or who are not yet sure of their career path.
“We need the best brains to do agriculture,” he stressed. “Agriculture is a science and we need people who are science minded to come in and learn from (early) that this (agriculture) is an important discipline, which one can get into.as there are at least 50 careers available in the sector,” he added.
Among the displays to be showcased at the event, are an ornamental fish tank, an insect zoo with real plant pests, irrigation and forest management models, and various products manufactured by the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA).
The presentations, Mr. McGlashan informed, would cover topics such as the safe management of pests and diseases, guidelines in ensuring success in the bee keeping industry, seed production techniques, and standards relevant for international trade.

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