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The Ministry of Agriculture is encouraging all bee farmers in the parishes of Kingston and St. Andrew to attend a very important bee-keeping seminar, which will focus on the Small Hive Beetle, a pest that was discovered in two apiaries in Kingston, last year August.
The seminar will be held at the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) St. Andrew parish office at 197 Old Hope Road on Thursday, January 20, beginning at 5:00 p.m.
Hugh Smith, Senior Plant Protection Officer in the Apiculture Unit in the Ministry said it was very important that farmers attend this seminar, as a number of issues, such as the biology, control and prevention of the pest will be discussed. “This seminar will take into account all the details of the management and the impact that the Small Hive Beetle is having on the bee keeping industry,” he explained.
“In addition, the Apiculture Unit will be preparing the farmers for the treatment programme that will be implemented within another week and a half.for the control of this pest, and at this point the farmers will have to play a great role in this control programme,” he added.
With respect to the treatment programme, Mr. Smith said the Unit was requesting that farmers obtain cardboards about half the size of the bottom board of their apiaries, which they would have to strip in order to reveal the corrugated sides. The cardboards would be used to cover the chemical strips that would be placed in the bee hive.
Mr. Smith said the beetles would find the corrugation attractive, and as a result would come in contact with the chemical that would be placed there. The cardboards are supposed to be about 26 centimetres by 37 centimetres or 10

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