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The Treasure Beach Foundation (BREDS) will mark International Coastal Clean-up Day this Saturday (Sept.16) by removing garbage and other debris from a number of beaches in Southwest St. Elizabeth.
Eric Morrison, Project Manager for BREDS, told JIS News that the areas targeted for clean-up include Great Bay, Calabash Bay, Frenchman and Billy’s Bay beaches.
“This is part of an environmental project put on by BREDS, which ties in with a current programme by the Treasure Beach community to become Green Globe certified,” noted Mr. Morrison.
The Sandy Bank Primary School’s environmental club, Treasure Tours and the Treasure Beach Women’s Benevolent Society (TBWBS) will participate in the day’s activities, which will get underway at 8:00 a.m.
BREDS is a non-profit association established by local community leaders with the assistance of Peace Corps Volunteers in 1998 to promote education, sports, cultural heritage, and environmental awareness in Treasure Beach.
Additional projects undertaken by BREDS include, getting the Frenchman Beach Blue Flag certified; cleaning of waste water system and establishing a chicken farm at the Sandy Bank Primary School; and also putting in place a Treasure Beach Emergency Response Unit (TBERU), which provides free ambulance service for all types of emergencies.
Mr. Morrison has urged all citizens to contribute to BREDS, so that the development of the community may continue.
International Coastal Clean-up Day is observed annually, on the third Saturday in September.

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