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Prime Minister P. J. Patterson, has said that the loss in alumina production, which had been preliminarily estimated at 130,000 tonnes to 140,000 tonnes could be reduced by the end of the fiscal year.
Making his presentation on rebuilding efforts after Hurricane Ivan, Mr. Patterson said various plants were at different operational levels but most were expected to be back in full production by the end of this week.
He noted that the most severe damage had been suffered by JAMALCO’s port forcing it out of service for several weeks before temporary repairs could be completed. “Arrangements are being made for JAMALCO to utilize the WINDALCO port in the short term as well as for it to bring a temporary bridge at Rocky Point, which will allow for some level of export until full repairs are completed,” he elaborated.
He further informed that Alpart’s port had also been significantly damaged, but temporary arrangements had been made to make it available for use by this weekend for both the loading of alumina and the off-loading of raw materials.
Mr. Patterson added that WINDALCO’s Port Esquivel, which suffered minimal damage, was now operational and would start receiving ships this week.
Up to the end of August, the local bauxite sector experienced significant growth in output compared with the corresponding period of the calendar year 2003. Alumina output increased by some 9.9 per cent while total bauxite production grew by 6.6 per cent.

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