Basic Schools in St. Thomas to Benefit From Fun Day

A number of basic schools in St. Thomas will benefit from the proceeds of a fun day hosted by the St.Thomas Early Childhood Parish Board to raise funds to assist with the provision of sanitary and structural amenities, as well as teaching material.
The fund-raiser, which was held on Tuesday (February 20) at the York Sports Complex in York, St. Thomas, is complimentary to the Enhancement of Basic Schools Project, which seeks to improve the quality of early childhood education.
Co-ordinator of the event Leonie Clarke, told JIS News that funds raised at the fun-day would benefit some 3,600 children in the parish.
“We want to assist in the upgrading of the physical structures of some schools, provide some materials for teaching aid and assist in the provision of appliances so children can get proper nutrition by way of hot lunches,” she said.
“We will also seek to enhance children’s health and the welfare of not only students but in some cases parents and some teachers,” she added.
The St. Thomas Early Childhood Parish Board, which falls under the Ministry of Education and Youth, consists of a cross-section of the community. The Board plans strategies to improve the operating efficiency of the parish’s basic schools and spearheads the hiring, interviewing, and disciplining of teachers.
Giving a breakdown of the type of support given over the years, Mrs. Clarke stated that some 50 per cent had received support for the upgrading of their physical plant, while others have received appliances for cooking, as well as some level of financial support for teachers attending college to complete their training.
The Co-ordinator noted that community support and volunteerism for the annual fun day over the years has always been strong. “Parents and community members give their wholehearted support. This is when they make sacrifices because their children get a chance to get exposure outside of their little community, and they get to engage in a wide range of activities as well as meet other children from other schools in the parish,” she added.
Mrs. Clarke also noted that the Board had taken on a new outreach effort to offer support to retired teachers. Several parents who attended the fun day said activities of this nature went a far way in enhancing the community spirit.
One father said he endorsed the fun day as it brought out parents and children in a happy atmosphere. “It’s a joy to see the mothers, fathers and the children out together.”
Another parent, Sophia Blackwood said it was a day for “good family fun, one worth experiencing”. Meanwhile, Sidomma McDonald a teacher, thought the event was “good for breaking down barriers between communities and bringing teachers and parents together”.

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